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Welcome to Ella Maceo Jewelry, a retail store where your jewelry isn't just another item in the shop—it's a piece of the story we're all telling together. We're all about creating a space that's not just a store but a community hub for artists, designers, and all the creative minds out there looking to make a mark so we want you right here with us! 

Why feature your designs with us?

So, you've got these stunning pieces of jewelry, right?
You've put your heart and soul into them, and now you're looking for the right spot to showcase them. That's where we come in. Growing a business is tough, but you're not in it alone anymore so lets grow together. Heres why:

Community First: We're big on supporting local and Canadian talent. When you join us, you're not just renting a space; you're becoming part of a community that's all about lifting each other up.

Competitive Commission Model: No Monthly Rental Fees! We are commission based.

We're Here for You: From showcasing your work to shouting about it on social media, we do more than just sell jewelry. We tell stories, your stories.

 How Can We Help You Grow?

Spotlight on You: Regular features on our social media, interviews on our blog, and behind-the-scenes peeks at your process. We want everyone to know why your work is amazing.

High Quality Product Photography: Any images we take in our store with our professional photography, we will send to you to use as well or for a small monthly subscription fee, we offer full professional photoshoots of your products alone and/or on models .

Join us in Collaborative Marketing Campaigns: Giveaways, Seasonal Promotions, Meet and Greets and Launch Parties. Become a part of something sensational as we will make you our partners on these promotional campaigns so you can reach the audience you are looking for.

Our Location: We are strategically located on Whyte Avenue and with the summer season approaching, you can showcase your collection to all the casual strollers at one of the most busiest streets in the city.

 Why Join Us?

Because we believe in the power of community, in supporting
small businesses and artists, and in creating a space where everyone can thrive. We want your jewelry to do more than just accessorize; we want it to tell a story, to be a part of someone's identity, to be a piece of art that carries meaning.

Get Started With Us 🌟

Ready to get your jewelry out there? To be a part of a community that gets it, that supports you, and that genuinely wants to see you
succeed? Then we're ready for you.