Conscience meets quality.

Ethically source elements for superior elegance.

We take pride in providing ethically sourced, high-quality products that maintaining a balance between quality and conscience, never compromising on either.

Our women-led company supports communities and works to empower future generations.

Giving Back

We are proud partner with locally-run, women-led small businesses, helping them reach new markets as they build scalable companies that smash through the glass ceiling.

If you're a creator in the Edmonton area, please reach out, we'd love to chat possibilities!


Environmental Care

Our commitment to the environment does not begin and end with our actual products. We also work hard to reduce waste in our day to day operations by reusing and recycling as many byproducts and packaging materials as possible.

We are constantly working to reduce our eco-footprint and will keep you updated on our blog about our latest efforts.

Quality meets affordability

Our custom fine jewelry is crafted with quality gold, lab-grown gemstones and diamonds and ethical sourced and fair-mined natural diamonds of peak-level quality for a clarity that cannot be beat.

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Indulge in the opulence of our fine jewelry, knowing that each piece is created using ethically sourced materials. We take pride in partnering with companies that prioritize safe and hospitable workplaces, as well as fair wages for their employees.

  • Gold Vermeil

    Crafted by layering genuine gold on a sterling silver base, gold vermeil offers an affordable alternative to solid gold jewelry. Its brilliance can be maintained with proper care, ensuring impeccable style for years.

  • Moissonite

    This gemstone, born from a meteor crater, is renowned for its exceptional hardness and scintillating beauty. It offers a stunning and ethical alternative to traditional gemstones.

  • Malachite

    Famed for its purported abilities to safeguard against failure and negative energy, malachite is widely recognized for its potential to bring balance to the throat and heart chakras.

  • Moonstone

    Discover the allure of moonstone: a mesmerizing gem that captures the ethereal beauty of moonlight. With its radiant glow and mystical charm, moonstone is revered for promoting intuition and serenity, making it a cherished choice in jewelry crafting.

  • Pearl

    Pearls, nature's elegant marvels, emerge from the depths of oceans as timeless treasures. With their iridescent luster and classic allure, pearls symbolize purity and grace, making them a timeless choice for sophisticated jewelry pieces.

  • Mother of Pearl

    Crafted from the opulent inner layer of mollusk shells, mother of pearl reveals a captivating kaleidoscope of colors and a radiant luminosity. Admired for its innate beauty and unwavering strength, Mother of Pearl is frequently employed to fashion exquisite inlays and embellishments in jewelry.

Caring for your Jewelry

Exquisite taste deserves exquisite care. Discover valuable techniques to properly maintain your jewelry and preserve its beauty for a lifetime. Learn how to properly care for your exquisite jewelry and keep it looking its best for years to come.

Keep your jewelry looking brand new for years to come with our expert care tips and maintenance advice:

  • Always store your jewelry in the provided bag to keep it tarnish-free.
  • When you get ready to show off your amazing self, put your jewelry on last and make sure it's the first thing you take off when you return home.
  • Keep away from direct spray of perfumes and other heavy chemicals.
  • Avoid swimming and bathing with your jewelry on whenever possible to increase its longevity.
  • Avoid storing your jewelry in humid environments. In the event of oxidation or tarnishing, a delicate scrubbing using a toothbrush and warm water can effectively remove the tarnished layer.
  • Reach out if you have further questions about the care of your new Ella Maceo piece.